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How Plush Would The Fur Be On Holland Lop/English Lop Mix Rabbit?

How Plush Would The Fur Be On Holland Lop / English Lop Mix Rabbit?

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Are You Wondering How Plush the Fur Will Be on a Holland Lop/English Lop Mix Rabbit?

Thinking about adding a Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbit to your family but unsure how plush their fur will be? Unfortunately, fur quality can vary based on genetics and care regimen. In this article, we’ll investigate the characteristics of both types of rabbits and what you can expect when they are crossed together.

Lop Rabbits
Breeding Holland Lop Rabbits

Understanding Holland Lop and English Lop Rabbit Characteristics

Holland Lop Rabbits

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Holland Lop rabbits are a small breed with an athletic build and characteristic “teddy bear” face. Their ears measure between 2-3 inches long, their fur being plush and dense with velvety texture. Holland Lop rabbits come in various colors such as solid, broken or shaded varieties.

English Lop Rabbits

English Lop rabbits are larger breeds renowned for their long, floppy ears which can grow up to 21 inches long. With a sleek body and Roman nose, English Lop rabbits also possess an elegant face shape with short fur that shines with soft texture. English Lop rabbits come in various colors such as solid or broken fur.

What to Expect From the Fur of a Holland Lop/English Lop Mix Rabbit

When two breeds combine, their offspring can inherit traits from both breeds – including fur. On average, Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbit fur tends to be plush and dense with an almost velvety texture.

The length of a rabbit’s fur can differ depending on which parent’s genes are dominant. If Holland Lop genes are dominant, the fur may be shorter and denser with an attractive velvet texture; conversely, English Lop parents’ genes might make for longer, silky fur with an alluring glossiness.

The hue of fur can vary according to the genetics of its parents. If both parents have the same hue, their offspring is likely to inherit that shade too; if both parents have different shades, they may inherit a mixture or have an entirely distinct hue.

Baby Holland Lop Rabbit
Baby Holland Lop Rabbit

Caring for the Fur of a Holland Lop/English Lop Mix Rabbit

In order to keep the fur on your Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbit plush and healthy, it is essential that you give them proper care. This includes:

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing your rabbit’s fur helps to eliminate loose fur and prevent matting. Use a soft brush or comb to gently brush in the direction of growth for best results.

Proper Diet

A nutritious diet is key for maintaining your rabbit’s fur. Make sure they get plenty of fresh hay, vegetables, and a moderate amount of pellets each day.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Regular cleaning your rabbit’s living space helps to prevent fur from becoming dirty or matted. Spot clean any soiled areas, and change the bedding regularly.


Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbit fur tends to be plush and dense, with a soft velvet texture. The length and color may vary depending on the genetics of the parents; proper care such as regular brushing, healthy food consumption, and good hygiene will help keep your rabbit’s fur healthy and plush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Brush My Holland Lop/English Lop mix Rabbit?

It is recommended to brush your rabbit’s fur twice weekly.

Can I trim my rabbit’s fur?

Yes, you can trim your rabbit’s fur if it becomes too long or matted. However, it is recommended to have a professional groomer or veterinarian do it as rabbits have delicate skin which could easily get injured during trimming.

Do Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbits shed their fur frequently?

Yes, like most rabbits, Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbits scurry around. Regular brushing can help control the shedding and prevent hairballs.

What should I do if my rabbit’s fur becomes matted?

If your rabbit’s fur becomes matted, try gently brushing it out with a soft brush or comb. If the matting is severe, professional help may be necessary from either a groomer or veterinarian.

Can the fur of a Holland Lop/English Lop mix rabbit change as they age?

Yes, rabbit fur can change with age. You may notice your rabbit’s plushness, texture and color changing as they grow older.”

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