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Do Holland Lop Rabbits Have Dewlaps? 2023 Guide

Cute Holland lop rabbit in the garden

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Are you the proud owner of a Holland Lop rabbit and wondering if your beloved pet has a dewlap? Dewlaps are those extra skin folds that hang from certain rabbit breeds’ necks. In this article, we’ll investigate this topic in-depth, providing you with an exhaustive guide. Or skip ahead and have a live vet chat to get answers immediately.

White Holland Lop Rabbit
White Holland Lop Rabbit

What are Holland Lop Rabbits?

Holland Lop rabbits are a breed of domestic rabbit that was developed in the Netherlands during the 1940s. They’re renowned for their cuddly appearance, complete with floppy ears that give them an endearing appearance. Holland Lop rabbits make excellent pets due to their friendly personalities and affectionate natures.

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What are dewlaps?

Before we delve into the topic of Holland Lop rabbits and dewlaps, let’s first define what dewlaps are. Dewlaps are extra folds of skin hanging from some rabbit breeds’ necks; more common in female rabbits than males, they can vary in size and shape depending on the breed.

Do Holland Lop rabbits have dewlaps?

Yes, Holland Lop rabbits can develop dewlaps. Nevertheless, this condition is not common as these breeds typically have a compact body with short necks which makes them less likely to develop dewlaps than other rabbit breeds.


Cute Holland lop rabbit in the garden
Cute Holland lop rabbit in the garden

Why do some rabbits have dewlaps?

Dewlaps in rabbits were thought to have been selectively bred for their beauty and to distinguish male from female breeds. When some breeds were selectively bred for this trait, some believed it to be a sign of fertility or an indication of male/female sexuality.

Should You Be Worried If Your Holland Lop Rabbit Has a Dewlap?

No, there’s no need for concern if your Holland Lop rabbit has one. Dewlaps are natural features of certain rabbit breeds and do not pose any health risks for the pet. However, it is essential that you keep the dewlap clean and dry to avoid infections or skin irritations.

How to Take Care of Your Holland Lop Rabbit’s Dewlap?

If your Holland Lop has a dewlap, it is essential that you provide proper care for it to avoid any health issues. Here are some tips for maintaining the dewlap:

  • Gently clean the dewlap with a damp cloth.
  • Dry it thoroughly to prevent infections or skin irritants.
  • Trim away fur around it to keep it from getting tangled or matted.
  • Check regularly for signs of infection or skin sensitivity.

How to Prevent Dewlaps in Holland Lop Rabbits?

As a Holland Lop rabbit owner, there is no need to worry about dewlaps on your rabbit. Dewlaps are an inherent feature of certain rabbit breeds and do not pose any health risks to the animal. If you are worried about how dewlaps may look in your furry friend, breed from rabbits that don’t possess dewlaps.


Ask A vet about choosing the right rabbit
Choosing the right rabbit

How to Select a Healthy Holland Lop Rabbit?

When purchasing a Holland Lop rabbit, it is essential that the animal be in optimal health. Here are some tips for selecting an optimally-nourished Holland Lop:

  • Look for a rabbit with bright and clear eyes.
  • Check the rabbit’s fur for any signs of matting, tangling or bald patches.
  • Examine its nose for discharge or crustiness.
  • Monitor the rabbit’s behavior to ensure it appears alert and active.
  • Finally, conclude by inspecting any documents associated with your purchase.
  • Holland Lop rabbits may develop dewlaps, but this condition is not common due to their compact body.

Short neck. Dewlaps are an inherent feature of certain rabbit breeds and do not pose any health risks to the rabbit, however it is essential to take proper care of your dewlap in order to prevent infections or skin irritations. When selecting a Holland Lop rabbit for adoption, look for clear eyes, healthy fur, a clean nose and active behavior; these characteristics indicate good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dewlap do in rabbits?

Dewlaps were believed to be an indication of fertility and used as a means to distinguish male and female rabbits in some breeds.

Can Dewlaps Cause Health Issues for Rabbits?

Dewlaps do not pose any health risks to rabbits. However, it is essential that the dewlap be kept clean and dry to avoid any infections or skin irritations.

How Often Should I Clean My Holland Lop Rabbit’s Dewlap?

It is recommended to clean your rabbit’s dewlap once a week in order to prevent dirt or debris from accumulating.

Can rabbits have their dewlap removed?

Unfortunately, this is not recommended as it’s an inherent characteristic of some rabbit breeds.

Can Holland Lop rabbits live outside?

Holland Lop rabbits are indoor creatures and do not fare well in outdoor settings due to their vulnerability to extreme temperatures and predator attacks. Therefore, providing them with a secure indoor home is essential for their well being.
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