Cats Dogs Empire Joins The Easy Vet Answers Team

Cats Dogs Empire is now a part of Easy Vet Answers

Easy Vet Answers Acquires Cats Dogs Empire

After being a major player in the pet niche, cats dogs empire has been acquired by easy vet answers. Do not fret pet lovers, the team behind the Cats Dogs Empire is also moving to Easy Vet Answers to continue making great content and expanding the reach of Easy Vet Answers.

Together we will make Easy Vet Answers bigger and better. 

Why Did We Acquire Cats Dogs Empire?

Being in the pet niche means we follow many competitors and similar sites. Cats Dogs Empire was once such site, we had been watching them grow for years with intrigue.

Both sites compete in many of the same areas and Cats Dogs Empire reached out to us about a possible merger and well we agreed. It just seemed like the right time and a golden opportunity to combine our forces, our content and our experiences into one place. This way we could double the value produced to our avid readers. 

So What Happens Now?

Very simple, all the existing content on Cats Dogs Empire will be merged with our site, but rest assured the quality will remain the same. This won’t happen all at once but we will be working hard to make it seamless and non intrusive to our users. Stay tuned to see more.

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