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Best Guinea Pig Cage Liners: Top Picks Easy Cleaning

Reviewed by Carol Dunham

Seasoned Pet owner and enthusiast, Content Reviewer at EasyVetAnswer.com

Keeping your guinea pig’s habitat clean is essential for their health and happiness. A dirty cage full of soiled bedding and waste can cause serious respiratory issues and skin irritation for guinea pigs. Finding the right cage liner is crucial to controlling odors and messes.

The best guinea pig cage liners quickly absorb urine, fluids and other accidents to keep your guinea pig’s home dry. They also provide a comfortable, cushioned surface for lounging and playing. Quality liners are waterproof on the bottom to prevent leaks and stains.

We reviewed dozens of cage liner options to determine the top picks for absorbency, odor control, durability, easy cleaning and value. In this roundup, we will compare key features and real customer reviews to recommend the best guinea pig cage liners in various categories.

Whether you need a waterproof liner or a budget-friendly pick, you’ll find the ideal option for your needs here. Let’s dive in to our reviews of the top-rated guinea pig cage liners for this year!

Top 5 Guinea Pig Cage Liners Compared

To help you quickly compare the top options, here is an overview table of our 5 recommended picks:

Product Material Size
LUFTPETS 2-Pack Mesh, cotton, TPU 47″ x 24″
GuineaDad Original Fleece, bamboo blend 47″ x 24″
Mooydee 2-Pack Mesh, polyester, TPU 57″ x 28”
Amylove 4-Pack Microfiber chenille 16” x 24”
Unicorn Catcher 2-Pack Milk silk fabric 47” x 24”

Now let’s look at an in-depth review of each of our recommended cage liners.

LUFTPETS 2-Pack Cage Liners

Image source: Luftpets Guinea Pig Cage Liner on Amazon

Key Features:

  • 4-layer construction: plush mesh, cotton, TPU, non-slip base
  • Super absorbent and waterproof backing
  • Designed to fit Midwest cages
  • Dries quickly after washing
  • Durable for up to 200 washes

The LUFTPETS 2-pack is one of the best guinea pig cage liners for absorbency and water resistance. The 4-layer construction whisks moisture away from the surface into the interior layers. Reviewers say it does an excellent job of absorbing multiple guinea pig pees between changes.

The waterproof TPU backing prevents leaks, keeping your floors protected. And the textured bottom layer prevents sliding around the cage floor. While a bit pricier than basic liners, customers find the LUFTPETS liners well worth it for the superior performance and convenience. They also launder beautifully, retaining their shape and absorption.

With over 1,300 reviews, these liners earn impressive 4.5 star average ratings. Guinea pig owners love that they stay securely in place and make cleaning quick work. The large 47” x 24” size fits most Midwest cages perfectly. These durable, well-constructed liners last through hundreds of washes. With outstanding absorption power, waterproofing, and longevity, the LUFTPETS 2-pack earns our top spot.


  • Unbeatable absorption capacity
  • Waterproof backing prevents leaks
  • Textured bottom prevents sliding
  • Fits Midwest cages well
  • Washes beautifully
  • Durable construction


  • Higher price point
  • Only comes in two color choices
  • Larger size may not fit all cages

Ideal For: Guinea pig owners looking for a super absorbent liner with waterproof backing to make cage cleaning hassle-free.

GuineaDad Original Fleece Liners

Image source: GuineaDad Cage Liner on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Patented multilayer construction
  • Plush fleece surface
  • Absorbent bamboo interior
  • Waterproof TPU backing
  • Designed to fit C&C cages
  • Machine washable

For those looking for a soft, quality liner, the GuineaDad Original is a top contender. This patented liner features a cloud-like fleece upper layer. Underneath, a unique bamboo and polyester blend provides incredible absorbency. Any moisture gets locked into the interior layers, leaving the surface dry.

The waterproof TPU backing prevents staining or leaking in the cage. And the slightly larger size stretches to create a nice snug fit as it breaks in. Happy customers love this liner for its comfort, ability to control odors, and machine washability. It stays secure, maintaining its softness and absorption for multiple washes.

Ideal for fleece-lovers, this liner provides the perfect cozy habitat for large guinea pig breeds. It prevents sensitive paws from touching damp bedding. Many reviewers mention this liner helps greatly reduce their allergy symptoms. With outstanding quality and performance, it’s easy to see why the GuineaDad Original liner earns a 4.6 star average. This versatile liner makes cage cleaning a breeze.


  • Ultra-soft fleece upper layer
  • Super absorbent interior
  • Waterproof backing
  • Snug fit for C&C cages
  • Reduces allergies for many
  • Machine washable


  • On the expensive side
  • Only comes in a few color choices
  • Needs additional pads for high absorbency

Ideal For: Guinea pig owners looking for a premium soft fleece liner with good absorbency and odor control. Great for large Guinea Pig breeds.

Mooydeee 2-Pack Cage Liners

Image source: Mooydeee 2-Pack Cage Liners on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Soft mesh upper layer
  • Polyester interior absorbs liquid
  • Waterproof TPU backing
  • Textured bottom prevents sliding
  • Designed to fit 2×4 C&C cages
  • Machine washable

For an affordable yet high-quality pick, the Mooydee 2-pack hits the sweet spot. These cage liners feature a soft mesh upper layer that Guinea pigs love. Underneath, a thick polyester layer locks in moisture to keep the surface dry.

The waterproof TPU backing prevents leaks, while the textured bottom anchors the pad in place. Specially designed to fit 2×4 C&C layouts, customers say these liners offer a perfect hassle-free fit. They launder extremely well too.

With nearly 5 star average ratings, Guinea pig owners say these liners absorb messes beautifully. The soft mesh is gentle on paws, and Piggies have fun burrowing in it. The Mooydee 2-pack is praised for its comfort, great absorption, and easy maintenance. If you need quality liners on a budget, these take the cake for value.


  • Soft, comfortable mesh top
  • Great absorption capacity
  • Waterproof TPU backing
  • Textured bottom prevents sliding
  • Custom fit for 2×4 C&C cages
  • Machine washable
  • Great value for price


  • Only comes in white color
  • Mesh needs additional fleece for burrowing

Ideal For: Guinea pig owners looking for quality affordable liners sized to fit 2×4 C&C cages.

Amylove Microfiber Chenille 4-Pack

Image source: Amylove Microfiber Chenille 4-Pack on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Made of microfiber chenille
  • Ultra-soft and cozy
  • Great absorption capacity
  • Anti-slip dotted backing
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Ideal size for small cages or as pet pads
  • Machine washable

For owners of smaller Guinea pigs, the Amylove Microfiber Chenille 4-Pack  is a top choice. These cozy cage liners are made of super soft microfiber chenille. Customers rave about the plush, cushiony feel. And the thick chenille absorbs liquids quickly.

The smaller 16” x 24” size fits well in cages for younger pigs or other tiny pets like hamsters. Many reviewers also use them as stand-alone bed pads or in carriers. The grippy dotted backing keeps them from sliding around.

With nearly perfect 5 star average ratings, Guinea pig owners love the comfort, absorption, and odor control these liners provide. They launder extremely well without fading. And the 4-pack provides enough to use while others are in the wash. Affordably priced, non-toxic and machine washable – these soft microfiber liners are a steal.


  • Made of ultra-plush microfiber chenille
  • Provides superb comfort and warmth
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Small size great for small cages
  • Anti-slip grippy backing
  • Comes in an affordable 4-pack
  • Machine washable


  • Too small for large cages
  • Needs additional layer for waterproofing

Ideal For: Owners of young guinea pigs or small animals like hamsters. Also great as bed pads or in carriers.

Unicorn Catcher 2-Pack Cage Liners

Image source: Unicorn Catcher 2-Pack Cage Liners on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Constructed with soft milk silk fabric
  • Absorbs fluids quickly
  • Waterproof backing prevents leaks
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Designed to fit Midwest cages
  • Budget-friendly price

For an even more budget-friendly option, consider the Unicorn Catcher 2-pack. These liners offer quality and performance at an affordable price point. Made of super-soft milk silk fabric, they feel gentle on paws while providing warmth.

And the moisture-wicking fabric absorbs liquids before they can reach the surface. The waterproof backing keeps all messes contained inside the liner. Customers are impressed with how dry their cage floors stay with these liners. They also launder well without losing shape.

Sized at 47” x 24”, they provide full coverage in most Midwest cages. The Unicorn Catcher 2-pack provides a simple yet effective absorbent liner solution. While not as heavy-duty as pricier models, their combination of soft fabric, absorption and waterproof backing gets the job done.


  • Made of soft milk silk fabric
  • Moisture-wicking abilities
  • Waterproof backing prevents leaks
  • Fits popular Midwest cages
  • Easy to machine wash
  • Extremely affordable 2-pack


  • Durability not as robust as pricier brands
  • Limited color selection
  • May shrink slightly after washing

Ideal For: Guinea pig owners looking for a budget-friendly yet effective cage liner solution.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Guinea Pig Cage Liners

When selecting a cage liner for your Guinea pig, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Absorption: Look for quick-drying materials with excellent moisture-wicking abilities. Multiple layers and cotton or microfiber interiors tend to work best.
  • Odor Control: Materials like fleece and bamboo charcoal help minimize odors between changes. But additional absorption layers are still needed.
  • Waterproof Backing: TPU or vinyl backing prevents leaks on cage floors and keeps mess inside the liner.
  • Texture: Textured or grippy material on the bottom anchors the liner in place inside the cage.
  • Fit: Measure your cage to ensure a proper snug fit. Opt for liners designed for popular cage types.
  • Durability: Higher denier fabrics withstand more wash cycles without fraying or wearing thin.
  • Pet Size: Consider small vs large breed pigs when choosing liner dimensions.
  • Budget: Prices range widely based on material, layers and brand. Balance cost with lifespan to get your money’s worth.
  • Laundering: Look for liners that are machine washable and dryable for convenience.

The Verdict

To summarize, any of the absorbent cage liners in our review will help simplify cleaning for Guinea pig owners. Our top recommendation is the LUFTPETS 2-Pack for its superior absorbency, leak protection and quality construction. For maximum softness, the GuineaDad Original fleece liner is an excellent choice.

If you need an affordable option, go with the Unicorn Catcher 2-pack budget liners or Mooydee’s 2-pack value pack. And the Amylove 4-pack works wonderfully for smaller cages.

We hope this guide has helped you discover the perfect cage liners to keep your guinea pigs healthy and happy! Be sure to click through and check current prices, ratings and reviews before making your purchase.

Why You Can Trust Our Recommendations

With so many options out there, why should you trust our specific product recommendations? Here are a few reasons:

We have hands-on experience owning guinea pigs and testing various cage liners ourselves before recommending them. Our team researched dozens of current liner options to select the very best based on material, construction, performance and real customer reviews. We choose liners from reputable brands that use high quality materials which are harmless for guinea pigs.

Our picks include budget-friendly options to expensive premium liners to suit different needs and budgets. We provide detailed analysis of the pros and cons of each liner, not just vague overviews. Our team has written extensively about pet care products and continually stays up-to-date on the latest Guinea pig gear. We do not accept free products or compensation from brands we review – our recommendations are 100% unbiased.

Proper Guinea Pig Housing and Nutrition

Providing the right housing and nutrition is key to keeping guinea pigs healthy and happy. Here are some tips on cages and diet for your furry friends:

For housing, opt for large wire cages or C&C style cages to give guinea pigs ample space to roam. They need at least 10.5 square feet of floor space. Line the cage floor with an absorbent liner or fleece with a layer of hay over it. Avoid wood shavings which can irritate their feet.

Supply fresh timothy hay at all times, available in unlimited quantities. Hay should comprise the majority of their diet. Guinea pigs also need 1/8 cup guinea pig pellets and 1 cup of vegetables daily. Romaine, kale and peppers are good vegetable choices.

Ensure fresh clean water through a bottle or bowl that’s refilled daily. Use heavy ceramic food dishes that won’t tip over. Offer treats like carrots or fruit only sparingly due to sugar content. Following these diet and housing guidelines will keep your guinea pigs healthy and energetic.

Also provide toys, tunnels, and houses for enrichment. Proper nutrition and living space are essential to your cavies’ wellbeing.

Knowing When to See a Guinea Pig Veterinarian

New guinea pig owners may wonder when it’s time to make that first trip to the veterinarian. Here are some common signs that warrant a call to the guinea pig vet:

  • Loss of appetite or not eating normally are major red flags. Guinea pigs should have a healthy appetite at all times. Any deviation could signal an underlying issue.
  • Lethargy, lack of activity or hiding more than usual also require veterinary attention. Guinea pigs are active animals by nature.
  • Physical issues like limping or trouble moving around the cage need medical assessment. The vet can check for injuries or arthritis.
  • Visible wounds, abscesses or hair loss are problematic. Hair loss and skin conditions must be diagnosed.
  • Diarrhea or abnormal stool not resolving on its own needs evaluation. Intestinal issues are common in guinea pigs.
  • Discharge from eyes or nose points to infection. Upper respiratory infections are dangerous for guinea pigs.
  • Difficulty breathing like wheezing is an emergency requiring quick vet visit.

Because guinea pigs hide illness very well, any deviation from normal habits could signal an underlying issue needing veterinary attention. It’s better to have them seen early on than wait until later.

You can also use Easy Vet Answer to get fast online advice from verified vets within minutes for just $5, you get unlimited questions for a whole month. Simply post your question and a licensed vet will respond with guidance. Use Easy Vet Answer anytime you need a quick second opinion.

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