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How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live? Best Cavy Guide

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live

Reviewed by Carol Dunham

Seasoned Pet owner and enthusiast, Content Reviewer at

As a lifelong guinea pig owner, I get asked all the time – just how long do our furry little friends live? If you’re thinking of adding a guinea pig to your family, you probably want to know what to expect when it comes to their lifespan and senior years.

Hey I am Carol and I am a pet enthusiast with over 20 years of experience caring for cavies and you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about the guinea pig lifespan. You’ll discover:

  • The average life expectancy and what impacts it
  • Life stages from baby to senior piggy
  • Pro tips to help your guinea pig live a long and healthy life
  • What to consider before adopting one of these adorable critters
  • When it’s time to ask a vet about concerns

If you want the inside scoop on how long guinea pigs live and how to keep them thriving for years to come, you’re in for a fun read! Let’s dive in.

What is the Average Guinea Pig Lifespan?

Guinea pigs, also called cavies, are rodents that originate from South America. They make fantastic starter pets and companion animals when properly cared for.

On average, the typical guinea pig lifespan ranges from 5 to 7 years. However, with excellent care they have been known to live 8 to 10+ years, with the oldest on record living to nearly 15 years old!

For perspective, this lifespan is:

  • Longer than other rodents like hamsters (2-3 years), gerbils (3-6 years), mice (1-3 years), or rats (2-3 years)
  • Shorter than dogs (10-13 years) or cats (12-18 years)
  • Comparable to rabbits (7-10 years)

So while guinea pigs are small, they are built to stick around for many years as long as their needs are met. Let’s look at the factors that influence longevity.

What Impacts Guinea Pig Life Expectancy?

guinea pig life expectancy

Genetics play a role, but husbandry and preventative healthcare are the biggest determinants of your cavy’s lifespan. Here are the key influences:

Breed – Some breeds like Skinny pigs live 7-8 years on average, while long haired breeds may only live 4 years.

Housing – Proper enclosure size, cleanliness, temperature, and layout prevents illness.

Diet – Quality hay, vegetables, limited pellets, and vitamin C prevent malnutrition.

Exercise & Enrichment – Daily playtime and mental stimulation prevent boredom and obesity.

Socialization – Guinea pigs are herd animals and need companion cavies or they get lonely.

Vet Care – Annual exams, diagnostics for seniors, and prompt treatment of any issues.

With excellent husbandry, your guinea has a great shot at reaching those longer lifespans of 8-10+ years.

Guinea Pig Life Stages and Milestones

Now that we’ve covered their average total lifespan, let’s break it down into life stages and milestones:

  • Gestation lasts around 68 days, with average litters of 3-4 pups.
  • Pups are born fully furred with eyes open, and are weaned at 3 weeks old.
  • Males (boars) reach sexual maturity from 3-4 months old.
  • Females (sows) mature later, from 6-8 months old, but can breed even earlier.
  • Guinea pigs are considered seniors at 3 years old. At this age, schedule twice annual senior wellness veterinary exams to catch any issues early.
  • Female guinea pigs’ pelvises fuse shut between 9-12 months old. After this occurs, they cannot give birth and mating becomes very high risk. For their safety, spaying is recommended.
  • With excellent care, guinea pigs may continue thriving into their late senior years, 9-10+ years old. The daily enrichment and interaction they receive helps keep their minds and bodies young.

Tips to Maximize Your Guinea Pig’s Lifespan

how long do guinea pigs live for

Now that we’ve covered the basics of guinea pig life expectancy and what impacts it, let’s get into pro tips for helping your cavy live their very longest, happiest life! Follow these tips:

Offer Unlimited Timothy Hay

High quality timothy hay should make up the bulk of your guinea pig’s diet. It provides roughage to keep their gut healthy and teeth worn down. Make sure they always have unlimited timothy hay available.

Feed a Varied Vegetable Diet

Guinea pigs require vitamin C and other nutrients from fresh vegetables. Feed at least one cup of vegetables like romaine lettuce, bell peppers, cilantro, carrots, and zucchini daily. Introduce new veggies slowly. Check out what guinea pigs can eat here.

Provide Quality Guinea Pig Pellets

Pellets provide balanced nutrition and vitamin C, but limit to 1/8 cup daily for adults, and feed a high quality brand made just for guinea pigs. Oxbow is an excellent choice.

Supplement with Vitamin C Tablets

Guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C. Supplement with chewable vitamin C tablets made for guinea pigs to prevent deficiencies. Ask your exotics vet for a recommended dosage based on weight.

Keep Their Habitat Clean

Spot clean droppings daily, change bedding completely at least weekly, and fully disinfect the cage monthly. Dirty cages quickly lead to illness. Excellent litters include recycled paper bedding or fleece liners with an absorbent layer.

Find an Exotic Pet Veterinarian

See a specialized exotic vet for guinea pig wellness exams, senior diagnostics, and prompt treatment of any injuries or illnesses. They will be knowledgeable on guinea pig-specific care.

Weigh Weekly & Monitor for Changes

Weigh your guinea weekly and record it to monitor for drastic increases or decreases which could indicate illness. Also watch for changes in eating, drinking, bathroom habits, or behavior.

Provide Timothy Hay Cubes & Tunnels

In addition to loose hay, provide compressed hay cubes or tunnels for enrichment. Guinea pigs love tunneling through and nibbling these.

Give Daily Playtime & Cuddles

Guinea pigs are social and need interaction. Provide at least an hour of supervised playtime daily outside their enclosure to run and stimulate their minds. Hold, pet, and hand feed them during this time.

Offer Plenty of Safe Toys

Fill their cage with safe chew toys, timothy hay treats, cardboard houses, wood logs, and tunnels. Rotate the toys to keep things interesting and prevent boredom.

Get Two Guinea Pigs Who Get Along

Guinea pigs are happiest with a live-in companion. Observe pairing guinea pigs first to ensure a harmonious match before housing together permanently. Introduce through a divider first.

Monitor for Common Age-Related Illnesses

Senior guinea pigs often develop fatty lumps, cataracts, arthritis, heart conditions, or dental issues. Have your vet run bloodwork and xrays at their wellness exams to stay ahead of problems.

As cavies approach their senior years, the above steps become even more critical to maintaining their health and keeping them thriving happily each day. With diligent care, regular vet checks, and lots of love, your guinea has an excellent chance of reaching or even exceeding average lifespan expectations.

What to Consider Before Adopting a Guinea Pig

how long do guinea pigs live in captivity

While their long lifespan of 5-7 years (and beyond with great care) makes guinea pigs appealing, there are a few key considerations to weigh first before hopping aboard the cavy train!

Time Commitment

Guinea pigs need daily hands-on interaction and playtime out of their enclosure, which requires a time investment. Cage cleaning is also weekly. Are you prepared to spend this time consistently caring for them?

Kids or Other Pets

Do you have young kids who may accidentally drop or hurt a guinea? What about existing pets – can you still give a guinea daily one-on-one time?

Initial and Ongoing Costs

While adoption fees are low, setup and ongoing care costs like a large cage, quality hay and pellets, vet care, toys etc. add up. Are you financially prepared?


Some people are allergic to guinea pigs’ saliva, urine, hay, or bedding. Spend time handling one first before fully committing.

Travel and Boarding

Will you need to hire pet sitters or board them when traveling? Not all standard pet sitters take small pets.

Pair vs. Singleton

Guinea pigs are happiest and healthiest with a live-in companion. Can you adopt two that get along?

Lifespan Means Long-Term Commitment

Their 5-7 year average lifespan is long for a small pet. Consider if you can make this long-term commitment before adopting.

If you’re up for the fun and responsibility of guinea pig ownership for the long haul, the years of joy these “wheeky” little furballs bring are so worth it! Check your local shelters for adoptable guinea pigs in need of loving homes.

When to Ask a Vet

You want your guinea pig to live their longest, healthiest life possible. Having an exotic pet vet you trust and can turn to with questions or at the first signs of any illness is key.

Easy Vet Answers offers the option to consult with veterinarians online experienced with guinea pigs standing by 24/7 to answer your questions online affordably. Whether it’s interpreting symptoms, helping you decide if a vet visit is needed, or determining if home treatment might be suitable, they provide personalized guidance so you can get your guinea pig the right care at the right time.

If your guinea is having issues make sure to speak to a guinea pig vet here and know you always have someone to turn to if concerns about your guinea pig come up between vet visits.

The Takeaway on Guinea Pig Lifespan

To recap, guinea pigs offer 5-7 years of delightful companionship on average, with the potential to live even longer with excellent care. Their lifespan makes them one of the longest living small pet options.

By feeding quality hay and produce, providing ample space and enrichment, arranging vet exams, and giving them daily interaction, you set your guinea up for a long, happy life. Guinea pigs make wonderfully endearing and long-term additions to any animal-loving family once their needs are understood.

Here’s to many “wheeky” years with your cavies ahead!

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