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100 Cute Names for a Bengal Cat (Male and Female)

100 Cute Names for a Bengal Cat

Reviewed by Carol Dunham

Seasoned Pet owner and enthusiast, Content Reviewer at

Are you trying to think of a good name for your Bengal cat? Stop looking! We’ve made a list of 100 cute and unique names for both male and female Bengal cats. We’ve got you covered whether you want a name that shows their wild roots or something sweet and fun. You can always ask a cat vet for name suggestions if you are stuck.

Find The Perfect Name For Your Bengal

50 Names for Male Bengal Cats: 50 Names for Female Bengal Cats:
Apollo Athena
Azlan Autumn
Bandit Belle
Blaze Cali
Caesar Cassie
Chase Cleo
Cheetah Coco
Chief Dakota
Dante Daisy
Diesel Diamond
Duke Echo
Finn Eden
Gatsby Electra
Gizmo Ella
Hunter Ember
Jagger Freya
Jasper Ginger
Khan Gypsy
Leo Hera
Loki Ivy
Max Jasmine
Maverick Jewel
Merlin Juno
Milo Kali
Neo Kiara
Onyx Layla
Phoenix Lily
Ranger Luna
Rio Macy
Rocco Mia
Romeo Nala
Roscoe Nevaeh
Simba Nova
Stryker Ophelia
Thor Pandora
Titan Pepper
Tucker Phoenix
Typhoon Raven
Vega Remy
Vinnie Ruby
Winston Sable
Wolf Sage
Zeus Savannah
Zorro Sierra
Ace Skye
Arlo Stella
Atlas Tessa
Bentley Trinity
Blue Willow
Brody Zoey

We really hope that this list of 100 cute and unique Bengal Cat names has assisted you in selecting the ideal moniker for your pet. Take your time and make a thoughtful decision since the name you give your cat will stick with them for life. In addition to reflecting their personality, a fantastic name will make them feel loved and valued by your family. Happy naming and thanks for reading!

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